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The second training course at the Engineers Syndicate Club

Publish Date: 24/11/2017

German Chemicals – BASF held the second training course in the Engineering Syndicate branch at 6th of October yesterday, 24-11-2017.

and the course included a detailed explanation of all ceramic adhesive, cement, epoxy, waterproofing materials and the difference between them and the Surface preparation in addition to the processing materials,

and was practically applied with the materials of Master Tile FLX24, Master Tile 4, Master Tile 707 and 705 with adding Mastercast 141. And glued with glass to clarify the interaction of the adhesive behind the tiles and how to apply them properly to obtain the best results.

In addition to explaining the best methods for waterproofing and how to paste ceramics on ceramics without breaking the old tiles. The company thanks all valuable guests who attended the training and wait you in the next training as it will be announced soon on the company page and the website.

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