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Trafficguard Wear Course

Two-component aliphatic polyurethane coating.

Trafficguard Wear Course


 Trafficguard Wear Course is a two component, pigmented,
aliphatic polyurethane coating possessing good resistance
to long term exposure of UV rays and chemical attack. Cured
coating is resistant to high humidity, corrosion and abrasion.
All components are applied in the liquid phase and react chemically
to form a tough, flexible, waterproof protective surface.
Trafficguard Wear Course is available in a range of standard
colours. Contact your local Fosroc office for full details.

20 kg


 Trafficguard Wear Course is a UV resistant polyurethane coating
designed to provide an added level of protection to, new
and existing, trafficked areas such as:
– Car park decks
– Aircraft hangers
– Transport depots; e.g. bus, couch, taxis etc
– Service centres, garages
– Workshops

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