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Renderoc FC

Single component polymer modified
cementitious fairing coat

Renderoc FC


 Renderoc FC cementitious fairing coat is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent cementitious fairing mortar. 
The addition of Nitobond SBR to the gauging water will further improve the performance characteristics of Renderoc FC. 
The material is based on a blend of cements, graded aggregates, special fillers and chemical additives to provide a material with good handling characteristics, while minimising water demand.
 The product exhibit excellent thermal compatibility with concrete and is fully compatible with other Renderoc mortars and Dekguard coatings.

20 kg


 Renderoc FC cementitious fairing coat is designed for application in thin layers to produce a fair-faced appearance to concrete surfaces or masonry surfaces in readiness to receive a protective/decorative coating. 
Surface imperfections up to 3 mm in depth can be filled with the scrape coat application.
 Voids of greater depth should be separately filled as a prior operation, again limiting the material thickness to 3 mm. However, Renderoc FC can be used as blowhole filler up to 10 mm deep. Renderoc FC can also be used independently to infill surface imperfections and voids or to render large sections of concrete, brickwork or masonry at up to 3 mm thickness. It can also be used in association with other Renderoc mortars.
 Under normal conditions, the product does not require an independent primer or curing membrane.

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