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Renderoc BF2

Two component polymer modified cementitious blow
hole filler

Renderoc BF2


 Renderoc BF2 is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of the liquid component to produce a highly consistent cementitious mortar, with good handling characteristics. Renderoc BF2 exhibits excellent thermal compatibility with concrete and is fully compatible with other Renderoc* mortars and Dekguard* protective coatings.

24.5 kg


 Renderoc BF2 is designed for application to imperfections in
concrete and masonry surfaces. It is suitable for application
in the range 0 to 10mm, and can be used in the following
– Filling blow holes prior to overcoating
– Filling shrinkage cracks in concrete
– General reprofiling over large areas
– Reprofiling, in association with other Renderoc mortars

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