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Chemical mould release agent



 Reebol chemical mould release agent is a specially formulated blend of mineral oils and selected additives. It is supplied as a low viscosity, pale straw coloured liquid.
On the mould, Reebol provides a chemical release action that is superior to that provided by normal oil based release agents (Concrete Society categories 1 to 4). Entrapment of air bubbles at the mould surface is minimised, reducing surface blemishes and substantially reducing remedial costs.
As well as improving cast concrete surfaces, Reebol also minimises damage to form surfaces. Corrosion on steel moulds is reduced. On all mould types the easier release and reduced residue minimise the chance of damage to the mould surface during stripping and cleaning. This extends the life of the surface and reduces the frequency of concrete defects caused by damage to the mould face.

210 L


 – For quick, clean and easy stripping of moulds and formwork.
– For high quality, fair-faced and stain-free concrete.

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