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Nitoflor SL1

Flow applied, 1-1.5 mm thick epoxy resin-based floor.

Nitoflor SL1



 Nitoflor SL1 consists of graded aggregates bound in a pigmented epoxy resin binder. It is supplied as a threecomponent system, pre-weighed for on-site mixing. When laid, it provides a smooth, light-reflective surface. It is available in a range of standard colours.

16.6 kg & 30 kg packs


 Nitoflor SL1 is designed for use in a wide range of industrial
environments where a lasting solution to floor maintenance
problems is required. It provides a dense, impervious,
coloured and chemically resistant floor surface, which is
hygienic and easy to clean. Typical applications include:
– Clean Rooms.
– Power Stations.
– Light Industrial Plants.
– Pharmaceutical and other medical laboratory situations.
– Exhibition halls and showrooms.
– Aircraft hangers.
– Warehouses & maintenance areas.
– Dry production areas.
– Garages & traffic decking where light – medium duty
vehicles is required.

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