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Nitocote EP405

Solvent free epoxy resin coating for potable
water retaining structures

Nitocote EP405


 Nitocote EP405 is a two pack, solvent free, epoxy resin material.
It is supplied in pre-measured quantities ready for site
mixing and use. The material cures to provide a smooth, hygienic
and tough fi nish which is suitable for contact with potable
water and foodstuff s. It is available in blue and white colours.

6 kg


 Nitocote EP405 is used for lining and waterproofi ng potable
water retaining structures and surfaces subject to contact with
food stuff s. The cured fi lm is resistant to corrosion, chemical
attack and abrasion and is suitable for application to reservoirs,
tanks, silos, water treatment works, breweries, dairies, meat
and food processing plants. The cured fi lm is non-toxic and
meets the requirements of IS : 9833 – 1981.

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