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Nitocote CM210

Elastomeric cementitious waterproof coating

Nitocote CM210


 Nitocote CM210 two-component polymer modified cementitious
coating is supplied in pre-packaged form. The product
is designed to be easily mixed on site using a slow speed
drill fitted with a mixing paddle and then applied to the
substrate using either brush, trowel or spray.
Roller application
may also be used, however finishing the surface with a
trowel is recommended for best results.
Nitocote CM210, available in grey and white, cures to form
an elastomeric impermeable membrane.



 Nitocote CM210 provides a cementitious, elastomeric waterproof
coating with inherent crack-bridging ability. Typical
applications include:
– Potable water retaining structures.
– Swimming Pools.
– Internal basement waterproofing.
– Drainage culverts.
– Wet areas: Kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms
– Foundations in contact with ground water under saline
– Vapour barrier.
– Damp proofing for facades.

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