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MasterTop 1230

Self smoothing solvent free, epoxy overlay system for concrete floors.

MasterTop 1230

MasterTop 1230 is a multi-component, self-smoothing, solvent free, epoxy overlay system
designed to provide continuous protection for
concrete floors at thicknesses of between
2.0-4.0 mm.
The cured material produces a dense, colourful,
glossy surface.
The product has also been successfully applied to
glazed and terrazzo tiles, steel and timber.

38.5 KG


MasterTop 1230 has excellent wear and abrasion resistance to floors subjected to high volume traffic.
The smooth, ultra-dense and high gloss finish is ideal for situations requiring a hygienic, easily
cleaned surface.
The product offers good general resistance to a broad spectrum of chemical corrosives, but as in all cases of chemical exposure a full analysis of operating conditions is required, followed by
reference to chemical resistance data, to ensure
product suitability.
MasterTop 1230 may be applied in the following
– Food production and processing
– Beverage production – including soft drink
– Pharmaceutical areas, laboratories, clean
– Engineering workshops. and assembly lines.
– Showrooms, demonstration areas.
– Industrial and commercial cold kitchens.
– Retail.
– Schools, hospitals and hotel.

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