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MasterTile 30

Cementitious, polymer modified tile adhesive for marble, non-vitrified
and vitrified tiles, glass and porcelain mosaic.

MasterTile 30

MasterTile 30 is a cement based tile adhesive for thin or thick bed fixing of ceramic tiles in interior or exterior situations, especially those exposed to permanently wet conditions.

Suitable substrates are concrete, sand cement screeds and renders, plaster boards, gypsum fibre boards and suitably prepared timber.

30 KG


MasterTile 30 is the adhesive of choice for swimming pools and may be used with confidence in all wet process applications including: abattoirs, shower rooms, institutional kitchens, bathrooms, and decorative, high risk cladding.

 MasterTile 30 may be used to tile directly onto glazed tile surfaces and is especially recommended for non-porous or high density and glass mosaics where it may be used to both fixand grout.


  •  Waterproof: immersion will not affect adhesion
  • Non-slip.
  •  Ready for use – just add water.
  •  Thin or thick bed.
  •  Exceeds British Standard requirements.
  • Extended open / wet time.
  • High adhesive bond strength.

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