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MasterRheobuild 3835

High range, water-reducing superplasticiser for rheoplastic concretes .

MasterRheobuild 3835



MasterRheobuild 3835 is formulated from synthetic

polymers specially designed to impart rheoplastic

qualities to concrete.

A rheoplastic concrete is a fluid concrete, easily flowing,

but at the same time free from segregation and bleeding

having the same w/c ratio as that of a low slump concrete

without admixture with a slight set retarding effect. Also, it

provides a substantial water reduction effect for

promoting high, early and ultimate strengths.

MasterRheobuild 3835 is chloride-free.

1L - 1000L


• Microsilica concrete .

• Mass concrete pours .

• Ready-mixed concrete .

• Long distance transport .

• Pumped concrete .

• Casting in hot climates .


• Reduced thermal peaks .

• High workability for longer periods .

• Lower pumping pressure .

• Delayed setting with longer workability .

• Higher ultimate strengths .

• Reduced permeability .

• Improved durability .

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