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MasterProtect 200

Flexible protective coating based on styrene – acrylic copolymer for exterior or interior use


MasterProtect 200


MasterProtect 200 is a flexible protective coating based on styrene – acrylic copolymer for exterior or interior use. Applied as a liquid it cures to form durable, protective, waterproof membrane.

It is a single component emulsion containing pigments and has a brushable consistency. 

MasterProtect 200 exceeds all the requirements of a coating that resists carbonation and prevents chloride ion ingress

27 KG


MasterProtect 200 is designed for the protection of
concrete structures against carbonation and chloride ingress.
The product is also suitable as a seamless
and elastomeric waterproofing coating for timber,
asbestos/ fibre cement and zinc sheets, asphalt, builtup felt and tiles.
Areas of application are:
– Multi-storey car parks
– Underpasses
–  Bridge, soffits, wing walls
– Concrete repairs
– Commercial buildings
– Industrial buildings
– Waterproofing a variety of substrates
– Flat roofs

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