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MasterCast 355

Powder Admixture For Improved Water Resistance In Mortar & Concrete

MasterCast 355


MasterCast 355 reduces passage of water through concrete and mortar. It considerably reduces water absorption. By a physical action MasterCast 355 seals the surface of the mortar/concrete, producing a low permeability system. The hydrophobic ingredient of MasterCast 355 is insoluble in water and therefore becomes a permanent constituent of hardened concrete.

MasterCast 355 also contains an air-entraining plasticiser which allows a reduction to be made in the water content of the mix whilst maintaining workability and the final strength of the concrete or mortar. MasterCast 355 does not adversely affect setting time.

140 G


  • To pre-cast concrete and reconstructed stone products. 
  • To reduce water ingress in in-situ concrete and cement rendering. 


MasterCast 355 disperses rapidly upon contact with the mixing water distributing itself throughout the mix.

  • Hydrophobic element is insolublein water.reduced labour costs
  • Becomes a permanent constituent of the hardened concrete and cannotevaporate or 


 Does not change the setting time of

cement, reduce strength of concrete or

corrode reinforcement.

 Has no chemical reaction. Its action is

physical and positive and is thus


 Water permeability and absorption is reduced,

hence it prevents movement that can arise from

intermittent wetting with a resultant reduction in

surface crazing.

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