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Lokfix EP

High strength, thixotropic epoxy resin anchoring

Lokfix EP


 Lokfix EP is an epoxy-resin, two component, solvent-free,
anchor fixation system for threaded rods and reinforcing
bars in uncracked concrete.
When applied it sets and cures to firmly secure a variety of
steel fixings into concrete and solid masonry substrates.
Lokfix EP may also be used as a general-purpose
Structural adhesive for concrete.



 Lokfix EP is ideal to be used in the following operations:
■ Installation of starter bars and dowels.
■ Base plate bolts.
■ Installation of safety barriers and fences.
■ For horizontal, vertical and overhead application.
Lokfix EP may also be used as a general-purpose as a fastsetting rapid repair, adhesive and mortar for concrete.

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