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Fosroc Supercast SW20

High performance swellable waterstop for in-situ concrete

Fosroc Supercast SW20



The Supercast SW20 is a swellable waterstop which can be
installed and positively linked into conventional Supercast
PVC waterstop networks.This allows the use of Supercast
PVC for expansion joints and Supercast SW20 for construction joints all the time maintaining an integrated network 

5 m X 10mm X 20mm rolls


  Integral sealing for construction joints in concrete cast in-situ.
Convenient and problem solving in situations where a
conventional waterstop would require complex shuttering
Typical uses include secant piled and diaphragm walled
basements, pile caps and casting against old concrete.
Supercast SW20 can provide simple solutions to detailing
pipe entries, construction joints in the vertical plane and to
kicker joints. Can be linked to Supercast PVC*†
to give an effective combination of waterstops which maintain network continuity. 

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