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Fosroc PPF

High performance micro polypropylene fiber.

Fosroc PPF



 Fosroc PPF, is a high-performance micro polypropylene fibre,
developed as a crack controlling additive for cementitious
materials. It is available as monofilament 40mm/12mm in
length for concrete and 6mm in length for plaster and mortar.
It is used to inhibit the formation of small cracks which can
occur through plastic shrinkage, premature drying and early
thermal changes, in order to provide utilization of the intrinsic
properties of the hardened cementitious material. 

1 kg


  Fosroc PPF is primarily used as a crack controlling additive
for cementitious materials. Typical applications are:
– crack control in readymix concrete, precast concrete,
conventional shotcrete, screeds, rendering mortars,
micro-silica concrete
– concrete slabs, pavements, driveways, imprinted
– water retaining structures, marine concrete etc.
– patch repair, thin section walling etc. 

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