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Fosroc Nitoseal PU40

One part polyurethane sealant

Fosroc Nitoseal PU40



 Nitoseal PU40 sealant is a one component, moisture curing, non-sag, gun-grade polyurethane elastomeric sealant. It is designed to seal construction joints that are subject to movement. After cure, Nitoseal PU40 forms a flexible resilient rubber that has adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. A tack-free skin is formed during the curing process in 2 to 4 hours at normal conditions (23oC). Cure rates vary with changes in temperature and humidity.

600 ml sachets


  Nitoseal PU40 sealant is designed for sealing expansion and
control joints, pre-cast concrete panel joints, window
perimeters, steps, risers, roof and tilt-wall joints and between
construction materials of dissimilar expansion coefficients.
Nitoseal PU40 sealant may be factory or field applied to seal
various construction components. Some substrate surfaces
may require priming for optimum performance.

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