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Fosroc Nitobond SBR

Polymer bonding aid and additive for mortars, screeds
and renders

Fosroc Nitobond SBR


 Nitobond SBR is a modified styrene butadiene rubber
emulsion which is supplied as a ready to use white liquid.                                                                      It is designed to improve the quality of site-batched cementitious
mortars and slurries. Being resistant to hydrolysis, it is
ideal for internal and external applications in conjunction
with cement.

210 \ 20 \ 4 \ 1 \ L


 For improving the physical properties of cementitious
mixes. Typical uses include, but are not limited to, the
following :
– Bonding concrete repair mortars
– Floor toppings and screeds
– Waterproof renders and cementitious slurries
– Bonding agent for slip bricks, ceramic tiles, etc.

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