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Fosroc Conplast SP560-S

Superplasticiser – superior high range water reducer for
high quality rheoplastic concrete and hydration control

Fosroc Conplast SP560-S



 Conplast SP560-S is a chloride free, super plasticising admixture based on selected polymer modified naphthalene sulphonate dispersive. Conplast SP560-S disperses by electro kinetic action in the concrete mix, enabling the water phase of the concrete to perform more effectively.

210 L


 – Provides good pumpable concrete
 – Recommended for piling and mass concrete pours with
improved cohesion and temperature control.
 – Specifically developed for use in high quality concrete for
workability retention at low water content.
 – Specially formulated for concrete with supplementary
cementitious materials like GGBS, Micro silica, Fly ash.

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