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Conbextra EP150

Free Flow Epoxy Resin Grout

Conbextra EP150


 Conbextra EP150 is a solvent free epoxy resin based product is designed for assisted and free-flow grouting of gaps from approximately 10 mm to 150 mm. Conbextra EP150 is a three component systems consisting of base resin, liquid hardener and specially graded inert fillers. The components of the product is supplied in the correct mix proportions designed for whole pack mixing on site and no other materials should be added.

10\30 kg


 Conbextra EP150 a free flow grout for use in situations where heavy static or dynamic loads are encountered. The gap between a base plate and substrate will need to be filled in such applications as reciprocating machinery, testing equipment, heavy crane and transporter rails, high speed turbines, centrifuges and drop forges. Also for use in conditions where chemical spillage may be encountered. Typical situations could be met in steelworks, refineries, electroplating works and chemical plants. Conbextra EP150 is especially suitable where extended working time and large volume pours, deep gaps or high ambient temperatures.

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